Welcome to the Dumb Ass Gazette, the secret home page of every single dumb ass in the world! Our mission statement is to figure out what business is and why certain people are telling us to stay out of their business. We believe that there is a secret business man who decides what kind of toothpaste we will buy based on our internet clicks, and that being a dumb ass is the only way to fight this evil business man.

We’re going to get all the scoops and gather them here online in order to curate a collection of the hottest takes imaginable. Our core belief is that everyone on earth is a dumb ass, including us. We also believe that the ultimate scoop isn’t one news story on its own, but is instead the larger context that those stories emerge from.

We hope you will join us on a journey of discovery into the depths of hell as we flip over cars and search for the ultimate business man, only to tear him down in one swift sentence.

We believe that a sentence can make someone explode, literally.

Our goal is to find that sentence.


A Dumb Ass